Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Peleg Johnson

Old Fernwood Cemetery
Kingston, Rhode Island


Dr. Peleg Johnson
Died June 8, 1859

Doctor in the village of Kingston, Town of South Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island
Dr. Peleg Johnson of South Kingstown, R. I., was born in 1791 and began his practice in 1816.
He died after being thrown from his horse, receiving a compound fracture of  his thigh, while on his way to see a patient.

Further reading tells me that Dr. Johnson was known to charge his patients very little for his doctoring services.  This goes along with the inscription on his tombstone which reads "In my hand no price I bring."

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  1. Kathy, If you ever see a JAQUAYS (spelled many different ways), could you think of me. He was from Kingston, and is a brickwall person. Thanks for posting this.