Saturday, February 13, 2010

Surname Saturday - Hall

Continuing on with my surnames, it is time for my maternal grandmother's Hall line.

John Hall was born about 1685 in Dover, New Hampshire.  He married Esther Chesley on 9 August 1705 in Dover.  He died some time after 1737.

James Hall was born 1708.  He received land from his father in Rollinsford, New Hampshire in 1732.  He married Susannah Blackstone in 1743.  He and his brother, Samuel, left New Hampshire about 1750 and settled on the west side of  the Damariscotta Pond, in Lincoln County, Maine. 

Levi Hall was born 1758 in Jefferson, Lincoln, Maine.  He married Jane Jones 1 June 1781 in Nobleboro, Maine.  He served  as a private in the Massachusetts Line during the Revolutionary War.  At the time Maine was not a separate state but was instead part of Massachusetts.  He died 27 June 1847 in Washington, Knox, Maine.

Joseph Hall was born 1781 in Nobleboro, Lincoln, Maine.  Joseph married Betsey Whitehouse on 6 May 1802 in Nobleboro.  Levi was a shipwright, merchant and carpenter.  He died Aug 1869 in Jefferson, Maine.

Joseph W. Hall was born 30 August 1806 in Nobleboro,  Lincoln, Maine.  He married Eliza Jane Waltz on 15 September 1823 in Nobleboro.  Joseph died 1 December 1876 in Orneville, Piscataquis, Maine.

Joseph Hall was born 18 November 1824 in Damariscotta, Lincoln, Maine.  He married Submit Ross on 12 October 1845 in Bradford, Penobscot, Maine.  He was a lifelong farmer.  He died 8 October 1892 in Orneville, Piscataquis, Maine.

This 1870 census records shows Joseph living in North Bradford, Maine.  Also is shown his brother John and his family, as well as the household of his brother Charles and his family.
Henry Hall was born 2 February 1850 in Orneville.   He married Esther Patricia Gowen on 27 September 1874 in Bradford,  Maine.  He died June 1926 in Bradford.

Allen Hall was born 19 November 1875 in Bradford, Penobscot, Maine.   He married first Flora Hall.  He married second, my ancestor, Leilia Dow on 20 November 1904 in Bradford, Maine.  He married third Emily Morris.  He died 26 June 1933 in Milo, Piscataquis, Maine.

My grandmother, Beatrice Natalie Hall was born 17 June 1906 in Danforth, Washington, Maine.  She married Ross Hannon on 2 January 1927 in Searsmont, Washington, Maine.  She was a teacher in the grammar schools of Appleton, Liberty and Palermo for over 20 years. She died on 9 June 1976 in Palermo, Waldo, Maine.

She and my grandfather had three beautiful daughters!

Love to all my Hall ancestors!

Note: Edited 03/06/10 


  1. Hi ~ I'm a JOHN HALL descendant too. I probably have my generations confused. It seems there may be a generation missing in your chart? I have a Ralph in between the 1st and 2nd John. Here's the descents as I have it?
    1st John Hall b. @ 1618 (deacon) & Elizabeth
    2nd Ralph Hall b. @ 1650 & unknown
    3rd JOHN HALL b. 1673 & Esther Chesley
    4th James Hall b. 1710 & Susan Blackstone
    5th James & Susan had 2 sons: Levi & James Hall
    ---You descend from Levi & I descend from James.

    Have you ever seen the Ralph Hall family group?

    With Sincere Inquiry,

    Researching surnames: Hall, Hatch, Sidelinger, Light/Leicht, Oliver (in Lincoln County Maine); other names of various locations - Caton/Caetano, Bragg/Braga, Cabral, Alves, DeLuiz, Silva, Rodigez (Azores Islands, Portugal, Cape Cod) McGuire (Virginia 1850s-60s)

  2. Lynn,
    Thanks for the info. I have not worked on the Johns and Ralphs and .. in quite some time. Do you have some place(s) you can point me for up to date info? No, I have not heard of the Ralph Hall Family Group. Do they have an internet presence?

    Thanks cousin, Kathy

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am in awe of the completeness of your line of Halls. One of these days I will be able to accomplish this also. Thanks for sharing.