Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Hannan Family Campout

The Hannan Family camping out at Green Valley Campground in Vassalboro, Maine.  
I don't know the year.  That is me in the middle with the glasses and my grandfather's arm around me.
I think we did this only one time but we had a grand time!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Harry & Elsie McKiel

Maple Grove Cemetery
Albion, Kennebec, Maine

Harry Redvers McKiel
b. July 30, 1900 New Brunswick, Canada
d. October 22, 1962 Waterville, Maine

Elsie Marie Robinson McKiel
b. April 4, 1900 New Brunswick, Canada
d. October 11, 1993 Norway, Maine

Elsie and Harry McKiel were my paternal grandparents.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - Camping

To carry on a little with my post of last Wednesday "We Did That Too! Plus Cookies and Mosquitoes", I will be telling about the camping I did as a child with my family.

Along with some shorter trips, my parents took us on two quite lengthy camping trips when I was young.  The first was in the summer of 1969 when we travelled from our home in Rhode Island to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Why Saskatoon you might ask?  My father had some meetings there for his job.  So in early July, we packed up our tent trailer, plus grammie McKiel, my father's mom, and headed out.  Grammie was going with us as far as Niagara Falls where her brother Gordon lived.  Here we are, ready to go, with Grammie already safely in the back seat. 

I don't believe that grammie had ever camped before but she was always game and with a great sense of humor and lots of stories, she kept amused for much of the trip.  Here she is, enjoying a meal at our campsite.

Two summers later, we were off to California for 6 weeks.  More meetings for my father and lots of scenery for us all.  I remember more about this trip including stops at Universal Studios, driving through the California Redwoods Forest, a stop at the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and much more.

In front of the Grand Canyon

As with the 1969 trip, we stayed every night in our camper.  We probably ate no more than two or three meals that were not prepared by my mom, unless we were visiting friends or relatives.  In fact, one thing I remember very well is stopping at rest stops for lunch and my parents pulling out the cooler and my mom making sandwiches.

We saw many of the beautiful sights of the US.  We had lots of family time.  We had lots of laughs.  We were hot, we were cold.  We argued and played.  We got rained on, we saw snow (in July).  I think as kids it was mostly a great time.  We didn't have to worry about driving or cooking.  We were very lucky to see all that we did.  Thanks Mom and Dad.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - A Blog Book

Just yesterday I received a book with most of my blog postings for the first six months of this blog.  I made it using the software from and the "download from your blog" option.  Basically, the blurb software downloads all the posts from your blog and loads them into some default book page templates.  You can then edit to your hearts content - adding and removing pages, pictures and text.

After a few days of editing, I used my 20% off coupon (always got to have a coupon!) and sent the book off for publishing.  A little over a week later my book arrived.  It is a 7" x 7" format, softcover with premium paper.  All 108 pages for only $18.36 plus $6.99 shipping.  I couldn't be happier! 

Go to for more information, ideas and pricing.  Kathy

FYI,  I have no affiliation with

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We Did That Too! Plus Cookies and Mosquitoes!

This past weekend, July 16-18th, 2010, President Obama and his family took a vacation to Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine.  We got to see them climbing up Cadillac Mountain and taking in all the beautiful scenery!

Back in the summer of 1995, we took a trip to Acadia for our summer vacation.  We didn't stay in a nice hotel or have the secret service clear the way for us. However, we have very fond memories of our time there.

We visited Acadia in late June 1995.  We setup our tent as the biggest mosquitoes I have ever seen swarmed at us from all directions.  The kids, 6 and 8, don't remember that part.  They remember telling us they were hungry, and me handing them a bag of Chip's Ahoy cookies.  When they asked how many could they have (usually the limit was two apiece), I said "As many as you want!  Now go play while we set up this tent!"  Only years later did I learn that they took that permission to heart and each had 6 or 8 cookies!

Like the Obamas, we went to the top of Cadillac Mountain

We enjoyed a few hours at wonderful Sand Beach 

We sat around a good camp-fire

where it wasn't too cold for marshmallows.  However, even the smoke couldn't keep the mosquitoes away!

Mosquitoes were the bane of the trip!  Either you were warm by the fire with mosquitoes or cold in the screen room without.  That left us going to bed at about 8 pm.  We coped for a couple of days, saw all the main views and packed up for home earlier than we had planned.  We braved a few more tent camping trips before my husband declared that renting a house or a condo for the week would be more to his liking.  Since then that has been our way!  Beds, sofas, TVs, showers, rugs, kitchens and SCREENS have been part of our motto!  But as always, the trials of life seem to bring the most vivid memories. 

I hope the Obamas enjoyed themselves.  I hear they stayed in a hotel (with screens no doubt)!  Acadia National Park is a wonderful place where mountains meet islands and the sea.  Cadillac Mountain is the tallest peak on America's North Atlantic seaboard at 1532 feet. The view is magnificent. There are also many hiking paths, lakes and other vistas to enjoy. One caveat, the water is cold! It rarely gets above 55 degrees, even in the summer.

All and all, I have buzzing great memories of my stay there!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Maria Campbell Megginson

Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond City, Virginia

Maria Campbell Hening Megginson
b. April 30, 1846  Jefferson, Powhatan, Virginia
d.  June 12, 1922 Virginia

Maria is my husband's great-great grandmother.  She was the 2nd wife of Benjamin Cabell Megginson. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - All Grown Up

Today my youngest, my son John, is 21 years old!  If he isn't a treasure I don't know what one is!!

I could hardly decide which picture to include here.  What fun to look through at all the fun times we have had! 
Happy Birthday John!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Thomas Miner

Wequetequock Burial Ground
Stonington, New London, Connecticut

Thomas Miner
b. April 23, 1608 Chew-Magna, Somerset, England
d. October 23 1690 Quiambaug, Stonington, New London, Connecticut

Thomas is my husband's 9th great-grandfather.  He was one of the founding members of the town of Quiambaug, now Stonington, Connecticut.