Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Max and Flossie Hannan

From the Hannan Cemetery, Palermo, Maine

Maxwell Hannan son of  Ernest & Ida Hannan
he was born 31 March 1912 in Washington, Maine
and died  8 September 1992 in Waterville, Maine

he married

Flossie M. Harmon 
who was born 25 February 1909 in Standish, Maine
and died 4 May 1991 in Belfast, Maine

Max was my mother's cousin and he and Flossie were well loved members of the family.

  Flossie carried the following poem with her always:
Thank you, God, for little things
that often come our way.
The things we take for granted 
but don't mention when we pray.
The unexpected courtesy,
the thoughtful, kindly deed.
A hand reached out to help us in
the time of sudden need.
Oh make us most aware, dear God,
of little daily graces,
That come to us with "sweet surprise"
from never dreamed-of places.

 Max and Flossie, Rest in Peace.

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