Saturday, February 20, 2010

Surname Saturday - Robinson

My paternal grandmother was a Robinson.  This is what I know about her ancestry.

Patrick Robinson was most likely born abt 1750 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.  It is likely he served with the British during the American Revolution.  He was granted 200 acres in Grand Lake, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada in 1786.  He married Sally Hatton and they had nine children.

His son Charles Robinson was born November 13, 1780 in New York. He married Mary Sutter on June 5, 1802 in Wickham, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada.  They moved that year to property along the Washademoak.  They had 6 children.  Charles died November 17, 1864 in Cambridge Narrows, Queens, New Brunswick.

John Robinson was born July 27, 1819 in Cambridge, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada.  He married Martha Elizabeth Springer on September 16, 1847 in Waterborough Parish, Queens.  John, with help from his son George, built wooden boats, among them the Daisy Queen which is in the collection donated to the King's Landing Historical group.  John and Martha had seven children.  John died January 7, 1900 in Queens.

George Robinson was born February 29, 1864 in Cambridge Narrows.  He inherited the family farm from his father John and lived in the home with his two sisters Rachel and Rebecca.  When he married his sisters moved out.  He married Annie Scott Babington on March 19, 1895 in Queens County.  They had four children.  George died January 8, 1954 in Cambridge.

George Robinson

My grandmother, Elsie Marie Robinson, was born April 4, 1900 in Cambridge Narrows.  She attended the Fredricton, New Brunswick Normal School and was a teacher for a short time. She married Harry McKiel on October 29, 1924 in St. John's, New Brunswick.  She and Harry moved to Albion, Maine where they ran a farm and raised five children.  Elsie died October 11, 1993.

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