Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Frank Joel and Anna Kinney Family

Kinney Family 1884

This a photo of my husband's great-great grandparents and their family.  It was taken in 1884, probably near Worcester, Massachusetts where this family lived.

Front Row: Henry, Frank Joel, Anna, Sarah, Lorenzo
Rear: Asa, Lillie (Herbert's wife), Herbert, Emma, Clarence

This photo includes all seven children of Frank Joel and Anna.  Frank went on to have three more children by another wife after Anna died in 1890.

I took a picture of this photo some years ago when a cousin of my husband brought it to a family gathering.  

Make sure you don't miss the cat under Lorenzo's chair!  He clearly wanted to be known as a member of the family!

It's a good day,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Mary Robinson Wells

First Hopkinton Cemetery
Hopkinton, Washington, Rhode Island

Mary Robinson Wells
b. November 14, 1762 Rhode Island
d. May 23, 1842 Hopkinton, Washington, Rhode Island

Mary, wife of Thomas Wells, is the daughter of John Robinson and Elizabeth Wells Robinson.  She is my husband's 4th great-grandmother.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Surname Saturday - Robinson

My husband has a line of Robinsons in his ancestry that is different than the one in my family.  Today I present his Robinson line beginning with Edward.

Edward Robinson was born about 1616 in England.  His will was recorded on 18 May 1686 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. He mentions both his sons by his wife Margaret Hall, Francis and Edward, in this document.

Francis Robinson was born after 1680 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island.  He married Elisabeth about 1712 in Westerly, Rhode Island.

John Robinson was born about 1713.  He married Mary Irish on August 23, 1733 in Westerly, Rhode Island.  They had sons John, Daniel and Rowland.  John died about 1777 in Hopkinton, Washington, Rhode Island.

John Robinson was born after 1738 in Westerly.  He married Elizabeth Wells about 1762 in Hopkinton, Rhode Island.  He died after 1790.

Mary "Polly" Robinson was born 14 November 1762.  She married Thomas Wells in February 1782.  She died on May 22, 1842 and was buried at First Hopkinton Cemetery, Hopkinton, Washington, Rhode Island.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another Treasure from

I reported a week or two ago about finding some of my New Brunswick, Canada ancestor's on .  There I found a collection of New Brunswick Death Certificates.  Today I am sharing the death certificate of my great-grandmother Annie Scott Babington Robinson.

The story that my father and aunts have told about Annie is that my grandmother, Annie's daughter, had recently become a school teacher and was living away from her family teaching school.  Her mother died unexpectedly and she left her teaching to go home and be with her family.  This death certificate verifies most of this. 

Annie died on January 15, 1921 after only one week of illness.  The cause of her death is listed as acute encephalitis.  I wonder how accurate that diagnose was given medical knowledge of that time period. 

In January of 1921, my grandmother was not quite 21 years old, just about right to be a new teacher.  Annie died at home in Cambridge, Queens, New Brunswick.  This leads me to wonder just where my grandmother had gone to teach.  I'll need to ask.

The death information was supplied by George Robinson, Annie's husband.  Annie's parents were reported as expected, James and Susana (Coyle) Babington.

The last interesting fact was the undertaker's name, Arnold Dykeman.  He was the son-in-law of George and Annie Robinson, married to their daughter Ethel Blanche.  My parents both remembered that Arnold was an undertaker in Cambridge. 

Annie Robinson died at 52 years old.  Far too young for her and her family.  I know her loss was always felt by my grandmother and no doubt her siblings as well.

Rest in peace, great-grandmother.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Surname Saturday - Welles/Wells

My husband's family includes the surname Welles/Wells.

This line I can trace to Thomas Welles born about 1626 in Colchester, Essex, England.  He came to this country with his parents about 1629.  On February 22, 1655 he married Naomi Marshall in Boston, Massachusetts.  They bought 180 acres in what is now Westerly, Rhode Island. Thomas and Naomi had children Thomas, Joseph, John, Nathaniel, Mary, Ruth and Sarah. He died February 12, 1700 in Westerly.

Son Thomas Welles was born December 4, 1661 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.  He married Sarah Rogers in 1691 in Hopkinton, Washington, Rhode Island.  They had children Thomas, Edward and Sarah.  Thomas died June 10, 1716 in Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island.

My husband descends from both Thomas and Edward.  First I will trace Thomas.

Thomas Wells was born about 1692 in Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island.  He married Phebe Greene on September 22, 1717 in Stonington, Connecticut.  They had children Thomas, Phebe, Lois, Benjamin, Caleb, Joshua and Nathan.  Thomas died about 1770 in Westerly, Rhode Island.

Thomas Wells was born April 5, 1723 in Hopkinton,  Rhode Island.  He married Sarah Thompson on April 3, 1745 in Westerly.  Thomas served in the Revolutionary War as a Captain in Col. Richmond's Regiment, 4th Company.  He also served in the State Assembly and State Senate.  He was a member of the Council of War and Justice of the State Supreme Court.  He died August 31, 1796 in Hopkinton.

Thomas Wells was born  April 22, 1755 in Hopkinton.  He married Mary "Polly" Robinson on February 21, 1782.  He was a lawyer like his father.  He died April 20, 1829 in Hopkinton.

Thomas Robinson Wells was born about 1784.  He was a banker.  He married first Maria Potter on March 15, 1808 in South Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island.  They had children Thomas, John, Mary, Hannah, Sarah and Elizabeth.  He married 2nd Emma Palmer.  Thomas died August 21, 1853 in South Kingstown. 

Thomas Potter Wells was born April 28, 1809 in South Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island.  He married first Sarah Clarke and had children Thomas and Frances.  He married 2nd Clarissa Sherman and had children George and Theodore.  He married 3rd Julia Esther Johnson and had children Helen and Herbert.  He died August 21, 1884 in South Kingstown.

Daughter Helen May Wells is my husband's great-grandmother.

Back to Thomas Welles and Sarah Rogers Welles.  My husband also descends from son Edward Wells.  Edward Wells was born about 1694 in Westerly, Rhode Island.  He married Elizabeth Randall on January 12, 1726 in Westerly, Rhode Island.  He died December 1765 in Hopkinton.

Elizabeth Wells was born October 13, 1733 in Westerly, Rhode Island.  She married John Robinson on November 12, 1762 in Hopkinton.  She died June 12, 1819.  Elizabeth and John's daughter Mary "Polly" Robinson is the same woman who married Thomas Wells, see above.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - First Day of School Remembered

First Day of School
September 1995
The kids and their school teacher dad!