Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Update to Wedding Cake Toppers!

I don't know how I forgot this!  My nephew was married last year in China to his Chinese Bride.  The kewpie doll wedding cake topper was taken to China.  In China, wedding cakes are not usually part of the tradition. My niece managed to make a cake, in a toaster oven because ovens are not even that usual, and the kewpie dolls made their appearance.  Hooray to the tradition going strong in its 3rd generation!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - Wedding Cake Toppers

My husband is one of seven children, six of them married.  When the first of his siblings were being wed, his parents found the wedding cake topper that they had used on their wedding cake almost 25 years earlier.  J&F decided to use it on their cake.  Thus was born a wonderful tradition.  Next S&N were married and they too used the same topper for their cake.  My husband and I were married next, on June 14, 1980 - yes, 30 years ago this year!  Here we are!

Now this picture doesn't really show the kewpie doll wedding topper so here is a close-up.  (Not the best picture I have - I will try to find a better one and post it here).

Well, a few years later H&J were married and used the same topper followed by T&J.  Five family weddings with the same wedding cake topper!  And the same one that my husband's parents had used. A grand tradition we all enjoyed.

One day while watching some old slides from my husband's grandparents collection, the following picture popped onto the screen and the entire crew began laughing at once!

It is my in-laws, at their wedding on November 22, 1952.  It doesn't take much to see that the wedding cake topper is not the kewpie dolls.  Who had they originally belonged to?  Well, that question was never answered, but we all agreed that we still loved our kewpie doll topper tradition.  To include my in-laws, on their 50th wedding anniversary, where it was a PIE-anniversary, the kewpie dolls topped the anniversary pie.

Although the tradition began by accident, it is one that I am happy to be a part of.  All the marriages are going strong, including my in-laws who have now been married 57 years!  Soon the next generation of this family will be getting married.  I will encourage all I can to take part in this wonderful celebration of family!

Ain't families grand!  

Friday, June 25, 2010

Foster Family Photo

The Children of Asa & Sarah (Morrill) Foster

 Asa and Sarah (Morrill) Foster had 12 children, all born in Canterbury, New Hampshire.  This picture is of ten of them!  (See my post on Sarah's efforts to receive Asa's pension after he died here).

Seated (l-r):       Asa Foster            b.  September 2, 1795
                         Lucy Foster           b. January 30, 1797
                        Adams Foster         b. February 22, 1800
                        Mehitable Foster    b. October 21, 1803
Standing (l-r):    Caroline Foster      b. January 13, 1816
                         Newel Foster        b.  February 7, 1814
                         David Foster         b. October 11, 1811
                         Stephen Foster      b.  November 17, 1809
                         Galen Foster         b.  October 10, 1807
                         Sarah Foster         b.  December 7, 1805

I am not sure exactly where or when the photo was taken, but I think it is wonderful that they all came together to have this picture taken!!  

This amazing photo came to me via a cousin of my husband.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Charles & Edna McKiel

McDonald's Point Cemetery
Wickham, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada

Charles Loran McKiel 
b. March 31, 1902 Queens, New Brunswick, Canada
d. 1970 Queens, New Brunswick, Canada

Edna P. Coleman McKiel
b. 1905
d. 1993 Queens, New Brunswick, Canada

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Surname Saturday - Todd

On my husband's side of the family comes the Todd family.

The oldest ancestor here that I have discoverd is George Todd.  He was born about 1745 in Scotland and died about 1810 in Virginia or Tennessee.  He married Elizabeth (Leipner?). 

Son James was born was born about 1784.  He married Susanna Loving/Lovern on January 2, 1785 in Richmond, Henrico, Virginia.  James served in the War of 1812 in Captain Presser's Calvary Troop.  He had children Royal, Mabel, Emma and Lafoster.  James died about 1816.

Royal Todd was born about April 14, 1809.  He married his cousin Elizabeth Todd on November 11, 1830 at the White Oak Swamp Friends Church in Henrico, Virginia.  They had children Susan, William, Charles, Thomas, John, Emma and Walter.  Royal enlisted as a private in Company A, 1st Reserves, Infantry Regiment of Virginia during the Civil War.  He died February 1, 1880 in Richmond and is buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond City, Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson Todd was born December 23, 1845.  He married Eliza Park Megginson on June 30, 1903 in Richmond, Virginia.  They had children Elizabeth, Thomas and Wilson. Thomas died September 17, 1917 in Richmond. 

Elizabeth Campbell Todd was born July 16, 1904 in Richmond.  She married Lorenzo Foster Kinney March 19, 1927 at Immanuel Baptist Church in Richmond.  They lived in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.  She had three children.  She died January 4, 1992 in South Kingstown and is buried in New Fernwood Cemetery.  Elizabeth was my husband's grandmother.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Asa Foster & Sarah Morrill Foster

From Center Cemetery
Canterbury, Merrimack, New Hampshire

Asa Foster
b. June 3, 1765 Canterbury, Merrimack, New Hampshire
d. August 20, 1861 Canterbury, Merrimack, New Hampshire

Sarah Morrill Foster
b. May 17, 1772 Canterbury, Merrimack, New Hampshire
d. March 28, 1868  Canterbury, Merrimack, New Hampshire

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sarah Foster and Her Deceased Husband's Pension

Asa Foster was born June 3, 1765 in Canterbury, Merrimack, New Hampshire (see my post about the Foster family here).  He was married to Sarah Morrill on November 10, 1794 in Canterbury.  Asa served in the Revolutionary War as a private in Captain Ebenezer Webster's Company.  He enlisted July 5, 1780 and was discharged on October 25, 1780.

The following is from Asa's pension file, found on footnote.com.  Asa did not collect a pension or the land bounty offered him.  However, after his death his wife Sarah did apply for the pension.  The following affidavit is from their son Galen. 

I Galen Foster a resident of Erie in the County of Erie and State of Pennsylvania a son of Asa Foster late of Canterbury in the County of Merrimack and state of New Hampshire deceased, testify, and say, that since my earliest recollection I have often heard my father the said Asa Foster say that he was a soldier in the Revolutionary army at West Point in the State of New York at the time of General Arnold's treason, and that he saw Arnold go down the river in a boat at the time he fled to the British, and that he was on General Arnold's lifeguard a few days before that event, but that at the time that event took place he was unwell and excused from that duty.  I have frequently heard him speak of seeing Gen. Washington at West Point shortly after Arnold left.
I have many times heard my father say that he served under Captain Webster father of  the late Honorable Daniel Webster of Massachusetts deceased I have also heard him mention the name of his Colonel but as it was not one with which I was historically acquainted, as in the case of Capt. Webster, I do not recollect it. 
I have often hear him mention incidents of his march from Amherst in the state of New Hampshire to West Point and when he has known of my passing through Springfield Mass he has often inquired of some large elm trees which made an impression on his mind at the time he passed there in his march, were still standing.  On the 4th of July last (1861) he mentioned in his family that it was just eighty one years that day since he enlisted in the Revolutionary army.  He then stated he enlisted at Canterbury and that he was at the time just fifteen years and one month and one day old at the time.  He then stated that his father went down to Amherst New Hampshire riding one horse and leading another for him to ride home on thinking that he was so small that he would be rejected when he got to Amherst. 
I have many times heard my father, in answer to inquiries of his friends, why he did not apply for a pension, say that he held that all war was wrong, and therefore it would be wrong to receive a pension for having been a soldier - after that passage of the Act of Congress giving bounty lands to soldiers, I asked him if he would apply for his land, he replied no that he would not, that he could see no difference between that and receiving a pension, and that he had long since settled it, in his own mind, that it would be wrong for him to receive a pension for having done wrong in going into the army and he did not wish to revise the decision he had  made when his mind was strong.
I further state that my father died on the 21st of August 1861 and that my mother Sarah still survives and remains a widow.  And that I have no interest in her claim to bounty land.

Galen Foster

State of New Hampshire, Merrimack County.  Subscribed and Affirmed to this twenty fifth day of April A.D. 1862 And I certify that the said Galen Foster is a credible witness and that I have no interest in this claim.
Ebenezer Batchelder, Justice of the Peace

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Surname Saturday - Foster

Today is the surname Foster, from my husband's family.

The line begins with the immigrant ancestor Reginald Foster.  He was born about 1595 in Exeter, Devon, England.  He was married to Judith Wignol.  Reginald and Judith had children William, Mary, Sarah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Reginald, all born in England.  Reginald and his family came to Ipswich, Massachusetts from England in 1638.  Reginald died in 1681 in Ipswich.

Son William Foster was born about 1633 in England. He married Mary Jackson on May 15, 1661 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.  They had children Mary, Judith, Jonathan, William, Timothy, Hannah, David, Joseph and Samuel.  William died on May 17, 1713 in Rowley.

William Foster was born 1670 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.  He was a weaver by trade.  William married Sarah Kimball on July 6, 1690.  They had children Sarah, Mary, John, Hannah, Lydia and Asa.  William died August 29, 1755 in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts.

Asa Foster was born June 16, 1710 in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts.  He married Elizabeth Abbott on October 26, 1732 in Andover.  They had children Asa, Abiel, Daniel, David, David, Elizabeth, Jonathan and Sarah.  Asa was a Captain in the French and Indian War.  He led an expedition to Canada in 1758. His original dairy of this expedition is held at the New England Historic Genealogical Society.  While on an expedition against Ticonderoga in 1758, Asa learned that his wife had died.  Asa married 2nd Lucy Rogers Wise and had a daughter Lucy.  Asa died July 17, 1787 in Andover.

My husband's family is descended from two children of Asa and Elizabeth - Asa and Sarah.

Asa Foster was born August 29, 1733 in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts.  He built the first gristmill in that town.  He was also a Deacon.  He married Hannah Symonds on November 16, 1762 in Boxford, Massachusetts.  They had children Asa, Susanna and Mehitable.  Asa died September 23, 1814.

Asa Foster was born June 3, 1765 in Canterbury, Merrimack, New Hampshire.  He was a private in the American Revolution, serving in Captain Ebenezer Webster's Company of Colonel Moses Nichol's Regiment.  He was at West Point when Benedict Arnold left for the British side.  He married Sarah Morrill on November 10, 1794 in Canterbury.  They had Lucy, Hannah, Asa, Adams, Harrison, Mehitable, Sarah, Galen, Stephen, David, Newel and Caroline.  Asa died August 20, 1861 in Andover.

Adams Foster was born February 18, 1800 in Canterbury, Merrimack, New Hampshire.  He married Sarah Eastman on November 21, 1832 in Concord, New Hampshire.  They had children Cyrus, Ann Maria, Emma, Asa and Charles.  Adams died November 18, 1873 in Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts. 

Ann Maria Foster was born August 3, 1836 in Canterbury, Merrimack, New Hamphsire.  She married Farnk Joel Kinney on May 30, 1858.  They had children Herbert, Lorenzo, Henry, Emma, Asa, Clarence and Sarah.  Ann Maria Foster Kinney died June 13, 1890 in Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts and is buried in Hope Cemetery in that town.  Ann Maria Foster Kinney was my husband's great-great grandmother.

Back to Asa and Elizabeth's daughter Sarah, from whom my husband also descends.  Sarah Foster was born February 15, 1750 in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts.  She married Timothy Bradley on December 23, 1773 in Andover.  They had children Elizabeth, Asa, Sarah, Abiah, Hannah, Timothy, Foster and Abiel.  Sarah died on February 7, 1825 in Concord, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

Sarah "Sally" Bradley was born on April 26, 1779 in Concord, New Hampshire.  She married Charles Eastman on November 29, 1798.  They had Lucy, Eliza, Maria, Sarah, Lycergus and Lucretia.  Sarah died on December 7, 1809 in Concord. 

Daughter Sarah Bradley married Adams Foster of this Foster line!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Papa and his Grandson

My son John and his grandfather, World War II Veteran Antonio Faella
May 31, 2004

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Surname Saturday - Kinney/Kinne

Today I will write about my husband's mother's family line of Kinney.

The knowledge I have of this line begins with the immigrant ancestor Henry Kinne.  Henry was born July 18, 1633 in King's Lynne, Norfolk, England.  He married Ann Putnam on October 12, 1649 in England.  He and Ann arrived in American in 1635 on the "Elizabeth and Ann" from London.   They settled in Salem, Massachusetts.  He served in King Philip's War under Major Sedgwick.  He died on June 6, 1712 in Salem. His children were John, Thomas, Hannah, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Lydia and Henry.

John Kinne was born January 11, 1651 in Salem, Massachusetts.  He married Elizabeth Looke on June 17, 1675 in Salem.  He was a soldier in King Philip's War and was a Deacon.  He died about 1718 in Newburyport, Massachusetts.  His children were John, Elizabeth, Mary, Rachel, Lydia, Samuel, Sarah, Nathan and Thomas. 

John Kinne was born March 25, 1676 in Salem.  He married Mary Smith in Hadley, Massachusetts.  He died March 28, 1776 in Middleton, Massachusetts. His children were Mary, Josiah, Benjamin, Pearly, John, Bartholomew, Elisha and David.

Benjamin Kinne was born October 1, 1709 in Salem, Massachusetts.  He served in the French and Indian War.   He married first Thankful Rude on December 24, 1745 in Preston, Connecticut.  They had children Persis, David, Asa, Elizabeth and Benjamin.  He married second Sarah Bump on September 3, 1757 in Preston.  They had children Sarah, Josiah, Alphard and Elizabeth.  He married third Elizabeth Richards on March 8, 1714 in Preston.  He died about 1798 in Preston.

Benjamin Kinne was born December 14, 1755 in Preston.  He was a carpenter and a joiner. He married Martha Harris on February 7, 1782 in Lebanon, Connecticut.  He was in the Battle of Bunker Hill, and was discharged March 12, 1781.  In 1787, the family moved to Sunderland, Vermont.  He died December 24, 1825 in Sunderland. His children were Joel and Dysa. 

Joel Kinney was born August 24, 1792 in Sunderland.  He served in the Vermont Legislature and was a Justice of the Peace.  He married Clarissa Ford on January 18, 1814 in Peru, Massachusetts.  He died November 3, 1864 in Sunderland.  His children were Charles, Benjamin, Lorenzo, Laura, Elizabeth and Frank Joel

Frank Joel Kinney was born Mary 30, 1833 in Sunderland, Vermont.  He was a farmer and a Nursery Owner in Worcester, Massachusetts.  He married first Ann Maria Foster on May 30, 1858.  His children were Herbert, Lorenzo, Henry, Emma, Asa, Clarence and Sarah.  He married second Fanny Dodd.  They had Robert, Lucinda and Frank.  He died on April 14, 1817 in Worcester and is buried in Hope Cemetery there.

Lorenzo Foster Kinney was born October 8, 1862 in Sunderland, Vermont.  He was the first professor appointed to Rhode Island State College (now The University of Rhode Island), coming to the experiment station in 1889.  He married Helen May Wells on July 9, 1891 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.  He was the proprietor of Lowland Rhododendron Farm in Kingston.  He died on September 9, 1944 in South Kingstown and is buried in New Fernwood Cemetery.  His children were Foster, Lorenzo, Esther, Helen and Galen.

Lorenzo Foster Kinney was born December 11, 1893 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.  He was State 4-H leader and the owner of Kinney Azaleas Gardens in Kingston.  He married Elizabeth Campbell Todd on March 19, 1927 in Richmond, Virginia.  He died on April 20, 1994 in South Kingstown and is buried at New Fernwood Cemetery.   He was my husband's grandfather. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Benjamin Johnson

Old Stone Church Burial Ground
East Lyme, Connecticut

Benjamin Johnson
b. September 17, 1795 Lyme, New London, Connecticut
d. October 6, 1862 East Lyme, New London, Connecticut

Benjamin Johnson is my husband's 3rd great-grandfather.  He served in the War of 1812.