Thursday, March 4, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - The Book of Dow

You know you have partially succeeded as a family historian when some member of your family recognizes you as one.  One such moment happened for a me a few years ago when my aunt passed on to me a piece of family memorabilia.  It is a copy of The Book of Dow that was originally in the hands of my great Uncle Omar.  Omar Dow was born to Isaiah & Emily Dow on September 29, 1877.  He died February 7, 1953, a few years before I was born.

I don't know whether he purchased the book himself but I think he might have because he did begin the inscription on the inside cover when he passed the book on to my grandmother Mrs. Ross (Beatrice) Hannon.  She in turn passed it on to her daughter, my aunt Gloria, who passed it on to me.  Here is the inside cover with dates blocked out (not very neatly but...)


Besides the information this book contains, I am a sentimental sucker for these kind of things.  Omar held this book, poured over its contents, perhaps along with another relative or two. Then my grandmother probably did the same and on to my aunt.  Now I hold the very same book.  There are a few notes inside on the pages relating to our common Dow line.  I haven't yet tried to figure out who wrote each of them, but I know that those that held this book before me also wanted to know and remember our ancestors.  I love it.  It is sort of like the feeling I have when standing in front of the grave of an ancestor.  I know that other ancestors stood there, perhaps overcome with grief, perhaps fondly remembering.  Right in the very same spot.  What can be better than that or a treasure like this book!

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