Saturday, March 27, 2010

Surname Saturday - Gowen

On my maternal side the Gowen surname begins with my great-great grandmother Esther.

Esther Patricia Gowen was born January 15, 1848 in Bradford, Penobscot, Maine. She married Henry Hall on September 27, 1874 in Bradford. She had five children, Allen, Linda, Evelyn, Edwin and Lizzie Mae. She died August 6, 1924 in Bradford. She is buried at William’s Cemetery in Bradford.

Esther’s father Moses Pray Gowen was born December 8, 1814 in Lebanon, York, Maine. He was a farmer. He married Aurilla Bither in Bradford, Maine. They had 7 children, Sylvia, Cynthia, Draxey, Sarah, Dorcas, Esther and Moses. In 1861, the family suffered great loss. On August 26, 15 year old Dorcas died, followed closely by 11 year old Moses (Aug 30), 17 year old Sarah (September 11) and on November 17, newly married mother Sylvia Gowen Pickering also died at only 24 years old. Moses died on March 10, 1903 in Bradford and is buried in Smith Cemetery, Bradford.

James Gowen was born March 5, 1784 in Lebanon, York, Maine. He married Dorothy Pray on June 23, 1812 in Lebanon. They had Sally, Moses and Isaac. James died April 11, 1858 in Bradford, Maine and is buried in Smith Cemetery.

Patrick Gowen was born December 11, 1745 in Berwick, York, Maine. He married Abigail Woodsum on January 1, 1777 in Berwick. They had Mary, James, Samuel, Sarah, Abigail, James, John, Johanna, Draxcy, Miriam, Lemuel and Benjamin. Patrick died April 12, 1803 in Lebanon, York, Maine.

Patrick Gowen was born March 20, 1707 in Kittery, York, Maine. He married Miriam Shackley. They had children Samuel, David, Patrick, Moses, Benjamin, Abigail, Paul, Stephen and Sarah. Patrick and Miriam owned the Covenant at the First Church of Berwick, Maine in 1737. On April 3, 1755, they signed the Covenant of the newly formed Second Church of Berwick, Maine. In the spring of 1762 Patrick left Kittery and travelled to Upper Chebogue, Nova Scotia, Canada where he resided for the rest of his life. He died March 5, 1776 and was buried at the Gowen Family Burial Ground, Chebogue Point, Nova Scotia.

Nicholas Gowen was born 1667 in Kittery, York, Maine. When he was young he was an Indian scout. He became a lawyer and was admitted to practice in York, Maine, April 6, 1703. He was a representative to the General Court in 1709. He married Abigail Hodsdon about 1694. They had Abigail, Elizabeth, Margaret, Hester, Nicholas, William, Patrick, Anna and James. He died about 1752 in York, Maine.

William Gowen was born May 10, 1640 in Scotland. William settled in Kittery, Maine where he was a farmer and a carpenter. He married Elizabeth Frost on May 14, 1667 in Kittery. They had children John, William, Elizabeth, James, Margaret, Lemuel, Sarah and Nicholas. William died April 2, 1686 in Kittery.


  1. Gowan - I like that name!

    May you keep sharing your ancestor stories!

    Bill ;-)
    Author of Back to the Homeplace

  2. How horribly sad about all those deaths in in 1861 - a mere three month time span to lose four children! I cannot imagine how hard it would be to pick up and keep going on.

    What a fantastic job you've done on tracing your family - back to 1640! Impressive!