Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - School Bells Are Ringing

The first day of school is always a good time for grabbing the camera and getting pictures of the kids heading off to school.  My mother did a pretty good job with this task!

This first one is from 1962 when my brother was off to kindergarten.  He doesn't look nervous at all!

Later in 1964 all three of us were school ready.  That was the year that a brand new school opened and the three of us were off to South Road Elementary School. I think my brother was the sheriff  :-)  I am managing to be at least as tall as my younger sister.  It didn't last.

I have to show this next one because I remember the Mary Poppins dress and how disappointed I was when it no longer fit.  The year was 1965.

Skipping ahead, my younger brother was ready to join us girls in 1969.  My older brother was off to Junior High and had already left by the time the rest of us were ready to go.  My mother made the dresses!  Notice the rickrack?  Remember rickrack?!!

The next year was 1970.  I was in Junior High and we could finally wear pants!  But oh my, look at them pants.  What can I say?  I think I made them myself.

After that I doubt that we teenagers cooperated much.  But what a great record of us growing and changing.  The fashions of the day also become apparent.  We can remember the front of our houses or what curtains hung in the living room!  It's a great way to mark time.  I have pictures of my kids all the way through high school, along with their father, a school teacher.  So, if your kids have not finished school yet, or maybe haven't even started, make sure when the school bell rings that you are ready!  Your kids will never forgive forget you for it!


  1. Love the photos. I had pants and glasses just like that in junior high. And, yes, I would have loved that Mary Poppins dress when I was that age! Thanks for posting these, they brought back lots of memories, especially the rickrack!

  2. Boy, do I ever remember rick-rack. My mother sewed a lot of my clothes, and she used it liberally. I also wore dorky pants in junior high school - bellbottoms, no less. Thanks for the memories!

  3. Kathy, I also love the photos, nice to see you growing up. I guess all three of us here dressed and looked like you. Wow, cousins .

  4. I remember rick-rack! And my mother dressed my sister and I alike even though we were not twins. I guess it was just as easy to sew two dresses as one. Love the pictures.

  5. Those are fabulous pictures! God bless your mother for taking them. Now I feel bad. My daughters are seven years apart, and thus never went to the same school or left at the same time. I was good for taking first-day pics, but I don't think I ever took one of the two of them together. I would have loved to have had a pictoral record like this. :)