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Surname Saturday - Parsons

Today it is time for the Parsons family.  This family is from my maternal side of the family.  I haven't done a lot of research on the Parsons for a while but this is what I know.

Alice Flavilla Parsons was born October 3, 1867.  She married Newell Hannan on March 22, 1885.  They had 7 children, Ernest, Charlie, Guy, Irving, Rose, Ross (my grandfather) and Doris. She died on Jun 26, 1956 in Palermo, Maine and is buried along side her husband in Hannan Cemetery.

Alice Flavilla Parsons
Norton Phillips Parsons was born December 28, 1838 in Westport, Lincoln, Maine.   He was a farmer.  He married first Susan Young on January 23, 1867 in Liberty, Waldo, Maine.  They had four children, Alice, Charles, Melvin and Susan, before Susan died in 1875.  He then married Mary Turner on May 2, 1876 in Liberty, Maine.  They had three children Elvia, Wendell and Hollis. Norton died on July 23, 1887 in Liberty and is buried in Sherman Cemetery, Liberty.

Norton Phillips Parsons was born December 9, 1806 in Edgecomb, Lincoln, Maine.  He married Prudence Dunton on December 20, 1825 in Edgecomb.  They had 7 children, George, Eliza, Ozais, Stephen, Westbrook, Merrill and Norton.  Norton Sr died before 1850.  

John Parsons was born January 24, 1773 in York, York, Maine.   He married Jemima Phillips on May 9, 1799 in York.  They had Margaret, John, Norton, Jerusha and Henry.  The 1850 census has him living with his son Norton's family, although Norton had already died, as had his wife Jemima. 

Joseph Parsons was born April 2, 1746 in York, York, Maine.  He was known as Joseph III.  He married first Jerusha Sayward on November 9, 1769 in York.  Together they had Thomas, John, Joseph, Jerusha, James, Jotham, Theordore, Susanna and Rufus.   Jerusha died in 1805 and he married Mary Brown Wakefield Washburn on November 21, 1805 in Wells, Maine.  They had a son Timothy.  Joseph died May 18, 1810 in York.

Joseph Parsons was born February 20, 1719/20 in York, York, Maine.  His father died when he was just ten years old and his mother died only seven years later.   He married Miriam Preble on January 22, 1742 in York, Maine.  They had 12 children, Anne, Joseph, Timothy, Josiah, Elihu, Miriam, Nathan, John, John, David, Susanna and Isaac.  Joseph was a blacksmith and a farmer.  He died December 4, 1781 in York.

Elihu Parsons was born March 31, 1684 in York, York, Maine.  He was a housewright and a prominent townsman.  He married Ruth Wilson about 1710 in York.  They had children Ruth, Hannah, John, Elizabeth, Joseph, Elihu, Josiah, Mary and Susanna.  He died July 30, 1730 in York.

John Parsons was born August 14, 1650 in England.  By 1677 he was living in York.  He was a shoemaker, a cordwainer and a tanner.  He married Elizabeth Huckins. They had children John, Elizabeth, Mary, Elihu, Rachel, Christian and Mercy.  John was killed by the Indians on  January 25,  1691/2 when they raided York. The Indians carried off three of his children, two later returned and the other married a Frenchman in Quebec. The settlement of York at the time was about 300 people in forty houses. Seventy-five persons were killed and almost all the town was burned. Among the captives was the oldest Parsons child, John, age 15 and daughters Rachel and Mercy. John was baptised at Quebec 20 April 1693. He and Rachel were brought back to York in 1645 by Captain Carey. Mercy was in Canada till 1710

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