Saturday, June 19, 2010

Surname Saturday - Todd

On my husband's side of the family comes the Todd family.

The oldest ancestor here that I have discoverd is George Todd.  He was born about 1745 in Scotland and died about 1810 in Virginia or Tennessee.  He married Elizabeth (Leipner?). 

Son James was born was born about 1784.  He married Susanna Loving/Lovern on January 2, 1785 in Richmond, Henrico, Virginia.  James served in the War of 1812 in Captain Presser's Calvary Troop.  He had children Royal, Mabel, Emma and Lafoster.  James died about 1816.

Royal Todd was born about April 14, 1809.  He married his cousin Elizabeth Todd on November 11, 1830 at the White Oak Swamp Friends Church in Henrico, Virginia.  They had children Susan, William, Charles, Thomas, John, Emma and Walter.  Royal enlisted as a private in Company A, 1st Reserves, Infantry Regiment of Virginia during the Civil War.  He died February 1, 1880 in Richmond and is buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond City, Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson Todd was born December 23, 1845.  He married Eliza Park Megginson on June 30, 1903 in Richmond, Virginia.  They had children Elizabeth, Thomas and Wilson. Thomas died September 17, 1917 in Richmond. 

Elizabeth Campbell Todd was born July 16, 1904 in Richmond.  She married Lorenzo Foster Kinney March 19, 1927 at Immanuel Baptist Church in Richmond.  They lived in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.  She had three children.  She died January 4, 1992 in South Kingstown and is buried in New Fernwood Cemetery.  Elizabeth was my husband's grandmother.

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