Saturday, June 12, 2010

Surname Saturday - Foster

Today is the surname Foster, from my husband's family.

The line begins with the immigrant ancestor Reginald Foster.  He was born about 1595 in Exeter, Devon, England.  He was married to Judith Wignol.  Reginald and Judith had children William, Mary, Sarah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Reginald, all born in England.  Reginald and his family came to Ipswich, Massachusetts from England in 1638.  Reginald died in 1681 in Ipswich.

Son William Foster was born about 1633 in England. He married Mary Jackson on May 15, 1661 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.  They had children Mary, Judith, Jonathan, William, Timothy, Hannah, David, Joseph and Samuel.  William died on May 17, 1713 in Rowley.

William Foster was born 1670 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.  He was a weaver by trade.  William married Sarah Kimball on July 6, 1690.  They had children Sarah, Mary, John, Hannah, Lydia and Asa.  William died August 29, 1755 in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts.

Asa Foster was born June 16, 1710 in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts.  He married Elizabeth Abbott on October 26, 1732 in Andover.  They had children Asa, Abiel, Daniel, David, David, Elizabeth, Jonathan and Sarah.  Asa was a Captain in the French and Indian War.  He led an expedition to Canada in 1758. His original dairy of this expedition is held at the New England Historic Genealogical Society.  While on an expedition against Ticonderoga in 1758, Asa learned that his wife had died.  Asa married 2nd Lucy Rogers Wise and had a daughter Lucy.  Asa died July 17, 1787 in Andover.

My husband's family is descended from two children of Asa and Elizabeth - Asa and Sarah.

Asa Foster was born August 29, 1733 in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts.  He built the first gristmill in that town.  He was also a Deacon.  He married Hannah Symonds on November 16, 1762 in Boxford, Massachusetts.  They had children Asa, Susanna and Mehitable.  Asa died September 23, 1814.

Asa Foster was born June 3, 1765 in Canterbury, Merrimack, New Hampshire.  He was a private in the American Revolution, serving in Captain Ebenezer Webster's Company of Colonel Moses Nichol's Regiment.  He was at West Point when Benedict Arnold left for the British side.  He married Sarah Morrill on November 10, 1794 in Canterbury.  They had Lucy, Hannah, Asa, Adams, Harrison, Mehitable, Sarah, Galen, Stephen, David, Newel and Caroline.  Asa died August 20, 1861 in Andover.

Adams Foster was born February 18, 1800 in Canterbury, Merrimack, New Hampshire.  He married Sarah Eastman on November 21, 1832 in Concord, New Hampshire.  They had children Cyrus, Ann Maria, Emma, Asa and Charles.  Adams died November 18, 1873 in Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts. 

Ann Maria Foster was born August 3, 1836 in Canterbury, Merrimack, New Hamphsire.  She married Farnk Joel Kinney on May 30, 1858.  They had children Herbert, Lorenzo, Henry, Emma, Asa, Clarence and Sarah.  Ann Maria Foster Kinney died June 13, 1890 in Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts and is buried in Hope Cemetery in that town.  Ann Maria Foster Kinney was my husband's great-great grandmother.

Back to Asa and Elizabeth's daughter Sarah, from whom my husband also descends.  Sarah Foster was born February 15, 1750 in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts.  She married Timothy Bradley on December 23, 1773 in Andover.  They had children Elizabeth, Asa, Sarah, Abiah, Hannah, Timothy, Foster and Abiel.  Sarah died on February 7, 1825 in Concord, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

Sarah "Sally" Bradley was born on April 26, 1779 in Concord, New Hampshire.  She married Charles Eastman on November 29, 1798.  They had Lucy, Eliza, Maria, Sarah, Lycergus and Lucretia.  Sarah died on December 7, 1809 in Concord. 

Daughter Sarah Bradley married Adams Foster of this Foster line!


  1. I don't believe it! I just ran into this family line this week as I was doing some research on a woman who was my grandmother's best friend. Thank you so much for posting all this. I've got to print your post out and do some studying next week. I'm going to write a short post about this woman (not her ancestors) in my own blog today. It's been an adventure. Thank you again!

  2. Becky,
    I look forward to reading your posts and finding out the connection!

  3. Another match. Reginald Foster is my 10x great grandfather, through his daughter Sarah Foster who married William Story of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Canterbury and Concord are not too far from me, I was at the vital records office in Concord, NH and it was 25 minutes door to door. The new VR office is very nice, and about three times as big as the old one.