Saturday, June 5, 2010

Surname Saturday - Kinney/Kinne

Today I will write about my husband's mother's family line of Kinney.

The knowledge I have of this line begins with the immigrant ancestor Henry Kinne.  Henry was born July 18, 1633 in King's Lynne, Norfolk, England.  He married Ann Putnam on October 12, 1649 in England.  He and Ann arrived in American in 1635 on the "Elizabeth and Ann" from London.   They settled in Salem, Massachusetts.  He served in King Philip's War under Major Sedgwick.  He died on June 6, 1712 in Salem. His children were John, Thomas, Hannah, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Lydia and Henry.

John Kinne was born January 11, 1651 in Salem, Massachusetts.  He married Elizabeth Looke on June 17, 1675 in Salem.  He was a soldier in King Philip's War and was a Deacon.  He died about 1718 in Newburyport, Massachusetts.  His children were John, Elizabeth, Mary, Rachel, Lydia, Samuel, Sarah, Nathan and Thomas. 

John Kinne was born March 25, 1676 in Salem.  He married Mary Smith in Hadley, Massachusetts.  He died March 28, 1776 in Middleton, Massachusetts. His children were Mary, Josiah, Benjamin, Pearly, John, Bartholomew, Elisha and David.

Benjamin Kinne was born October 1, 1709 in Salem, Massachusetts.  He served in the French and Indian War.   He married first Thankful Rude on December 24, 1745 in Preston, Connecticut.  They had children Persis, David, Asa, Elizabeth and Benjamin.  He married second Sarah Bump on September 3, 1757 in Preston.  They had children Sarah, Josiah, Alphard and Elizabeth.  He married third Elizabeth Richards on March 8, 1714 in Preston.  He died about 1798 in Preston.

Benjamin Kinne was born December 14, 1755 in Preston.  He was a carpenter and a joiner. He married Martha Harris on February 7, 1782 in Lebanon, Connecticut.  He was in the Battle of Bunker Hill, and was discharged March 12, 1781.  In 1787, the family moved to Sunderland, Vermont.  He died December 24, 1825 in Sunderland. His children were Joel and Dysa. 

Joel Kinney was born August 24, 1792 in Sunderland.  He served in the Vermont Legislature and was a Justice of the Peace.  He married Clarissa Ford on January 18, 1814 in Peru, Massachusetts.  He died November 3, 1864 in Sunderland.  His children were Charles, Benjamin, Lorenzo, Laura, Elizabeth and Frank Joel

Frank Joel Kinney was born Mary 30, 1833 in Sunderland, Vermont.  He was a farmer and a Nursery Owner in Worcester, Massachusetts.  He married first Ann Maria Foster on May 30, 1858.  His children were Herbert, Lorenzo, Henry, Emma, Asa, Clarence and Sarah.  He married second Fanny Dodd.  They had Robert, Lucinda and Frank.  He died on April 14, 1817 in Worcester and is buried in Hope Cemetery there.

Lorenzo Foster Kinney was born October 8, 1862 in Sunderland, Vermont.  He was the first professor appointed to Rhode Island State College (now The University of Rhode Island), coming to the experiment station in 1889.  He married Helen May Wells on July 9, 1891 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.  He was the proprietor of Lowland Rhododendron Farm in Kingston.  He died on September 9, 1944 in South Kingstown and is buried in New Fernwood Cemetery.  His children were Foster, Lorenzo, Esther, Helen and Galen.

Lorenzo Foster Kinney was born December 11, 1893 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.  He was State 4-H leader and the owner of Kinney Azaleas Gardens in Kingston.  He married Elizabeth Campbell Todd on March 19, 1927 in Richmond, Virginia.  He died on April 20, 1994 in South Kingstown and is buried at New Fernwood Cemetery.   He was my husband's grandfather. 


  1. Beautiful Azaleas! I just wish they would hold their color longer.

  2. Kathy, I am in love with your photo. Is that your house? Sometimes I think we should have a day or week where everybody posts flowers...we all love them. Thank you.

  3. Barbara - These are the flowers at the Kinney Azaleas Gardens. My in-laws now live there but Lorenzo Kinney, Jr. planted most of them. There are almost 9 acres of mostly azaleas that he planted. It is gorgeous when in bloom, and open to the public. You all should come by in May one day!! I will post more pictures one of these days.

  4. If you can stand one more Ooooh! and Ahhhh! about the photo... :) It's just breathtaking! And very soothing. Thanks for posting it!

  5. In my family tree there is a Samuel Kinney who married Mary Mooers on 29 February 1712 in Newbury, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of my 7x great grandfather, Jonathan Mooers. Samuel was the grandson of the Henry Kinney above, brother to the second John in your lineage. Mary was sister to my ancestor, Sarah Mooer, who married George Munroe of Lexington.

  6. Kathy, regarding the gardens, I saved the site, and will be down next year! Thanks so much.