Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day 2010 - Brothers in Service, World War II

This memorial day I would like to remember my husband's uncles and his father who all served in World War II.

Antonio, Vincenzo "Jack" and Sylvio Faella

Antonio is my husband's dad.  He was in the Navy, serving in the pacific aboard the submarine the USS Spearfish. He served from about May 1942 through December 1945.

The middle son is Jack, my husband's uncle.  He was the youngest of the three and as of this picture was not yet old enough to serve.  He served with the Navy on the destroyer the USS Tillman.  He was born April 9, 1926 and died March 3, 2003 and is buried at the Rhode Island Veteran's Cemetery.

Sylvio was the oldest Faella brother.  He served as a Chief Commissary Steward aboard the USS Wasp.  He was killed in action on March 19, 1945,  when at about 7:10 am, the aircraft carrier was hit by a bomb.  He was buried at sea.  He was awarded the Purple Heart for his service.  He is listed on the Tablets of the Missing at the Honolulu Memorial.  (His service records all have his last name as Faela)

On this memorial day, I want to thank not only the Faella men who served but also all who have defended our country through the years.  Special thanks go to those currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

God Bless them one and all!


  1. I love the photo of the three brothers together! It's sad that one of them didn't come back from the war.

  2. Lovely tribute, thanks for sharing, great photos!!!

  3. What a great photo of the three brothers.