Friday, May 21, 2010

Fearless Family Friday - Zip Lining

Warning:  Not genealogy related.

Today my husband, son, mother and I had a grand adventure.  We went zip lining in New Hampshire. There were 5 zip lines, including a 1500' long, 200' high ride about the ground, with gorgeous views of the mountains of New Hampshire.  It was a great time.  A little scary, a bit out of our comfort zone and just wonderful!

Here is my son coming in for a landing.

And my mother.

And my husband crossing one of the gorges.

Quite a day!


  1. Oh, MY GAWLY!! You did this??? "Out of my comfort zone", YA THINK??? WOW! Good for you.

    Don't think I could do this, as this is so far out of the comfort zone for me that the zone is like, MIA!


  2. Am I missing something...where are you? What a great day for being outside. Your adventure is out of my comfort zone too, but I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the others. Congrats to your mother. Kathy what town was that? I'm going to Rindge, NH tomorrow.

  3. It was Alpine Adventures in Lincoln, New Hampshire, up near Franconia Notch.