Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Endless Summer Enjoyment

Me with my bike in front of my childhood home

Summers lasted forever when we were kids!  I never remember them being too hot or too rainy.  I was lucky to grow up in a neighborhood full of kids, on a dead end street where we could ride our bikes in the road, or play kickball, or tag without fear of being runover.  We built forts, we played marbles, we had games of all kinds with very little help from the grown-ups. We were outside from morning till night.  It was a great time in my life! I wish more kids today had the freedom and opportunity to experience summer like I did.
Here's hoping you can remember some fun summer days from your childhood!


  1. Great memories and love love love that bike!

  2. I also remember days like that. When we went out after dinner, we had to be home when the street lights came on. WE were out all day without a care. I would never let a child out like that today. The innocence of childhood is gone.