Thursday, August 19, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Flying the Coop!

Our daughter Katie is off to graduate school in Charleston, South Carolina. She is also recently engaged.  So this move might just signal the end of her years of living at home with us.  It is rather sad, but also what we hope for with our children - that they find their way in the world and start to build their own lives.  So it is with sadness and thanksgiving that I say good luck to my first child, my treasure, Katie.

First day of kindergarten

Katie off to South Carolina with Hershey her dog

Be happy, be safe, have fun!   


  1. Oh, I can relate. Our Katie wore a Little Mermaid sweatshirt to kindergarten. She just graduated grad school, got her first job outside of Boston and has a "serious" boyfriend. She now goes by the nickname Cat. But we are lucky- Boston is much closer than South Carolina!

  2. Good luck Katie. Good luck Mom!

  3. Great comparison on photos, I bet you thought, "where did the time go?" This is a change in both of your lives. Also, I'll pray for Katie's boyfriend, hope he will be safe.