Saturday, April 10, 2010

Surname Saturday - Belyea/Bulyea/Boulier

My great-great-grandmother was Martha Jane Belyea.  She was born March 6, 1840 in Wickham, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada.  She was married to William Henry Craft in 1862.  They had 10 children, Anna Eugenia, Robert, Frederick, Sarah Jemima, Albert Henry, John Howard, George, Ernest, Harry and Ida Maude Craft.  Martha died on January 11, 1931 in Queens, New Brunswick. 

I am afraid I had a mistake in Martha J (Belyea) Craft's death.  She died on January 10, 1929 at Belyea's Cove, Queens, New Brunswick.  She was buried next to her husband in the Craft Family Cemetery in Craft's Cove, Queens, New Brunswick.

Martha Jane Belyea

Abraham Belyea was the father of Martha Jane.  He was born on March 8, 1803 in New Brunswick, Canada.  He married Sarah Gerow on December 15, 1824.  He was a farmer and the father of nine children:  George, John Stephen, Sarah Ann, Jemima, Thomas, Leverett, James, Martha Jane and Elizabeth.  He died October 30, 1883 in New Brunswick.

James Albert Belyea was born in 1755 at Cortlandt Manor, Westchester, New York.  He was a loyalist during the American Revolution, fighting for the British.  After the war, he and other loyalists migrated to Canada.  He married Jemima Purdy in 1782 in White Plains, Westchester, New York.  They had 16 children: Thomas, James, Henry, Oliver, Pheobe, Polly, Jemima, Nehemiah, Nancy, John, Lucy, Abraham, Stephen, Hannah, Coles and Archilaus.  He died in 1840 in St. John's, New Brunswick, Canada.

Hendrick "Henry" Belyea was born April 17, 1700 in Tarrytown, Westchester, New York.  He married first Deborah Carpenter in 1739.  They had 4 children: John, Mary, Judith, and Joseph.  After Deborah died he married Engeltjie "Angelica" Storm in 1755.  She was the widow of Abraham Jurckse.  They had eight children: James Albert, Deborah, Abraham, Wintie, Thomas, Robert, Henry and William.  Hendrick was also a loyalist and removed to New Brunswick, Canada after the American Revolution.  He died about 1803 in Greenwich, New Brunswick, Canada.

Jan Boulier was born before 1698 in Long Island, New York.  He married Helena Willamse in 1719.  They had seven children: Hendrick, Marytie, Rachel, Helena, Catharina, Jane, Robben.  He died in 1766.

Louis Boulier, the first of this family to come to America, was born about 1672 in Saintonge, France.  He was said to have been a Huguenot mariner who fled France to escape persecution following the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes.  He married Anna Konninck in 1697 in Hackensack, New Jersey.  They had three children:  Jan, Jacob and Catherine.


  1. Yes I have heard of that famed common ancestor of the Belyea family, Louis Boulier.

    We are probably related, my family are the NB Belyeas.


    -Courtney Belyea

  2. I have been looking for any one that know the name of Calvin Belyea parents. Calvin was born in 1803 at Fredericton, York county, New Brunswick, Canada, but I can not fine out who his parents are. Calvin in my G. Grandfather.

    Thank-you Belyea